WellCare - Brand Platform Exploration


WellCare - Brand Platform Exploration



In order to grow their business, WellCare must stand out in a "sea of same" where they are outspent and outbranded.


Increase Traditional Medicare Advantage (TMA) enrollments, primarily across the 65+ aged audience, through a communications platform that highlights WellCare's point of difference in a distinctive way that makes them a better choice for people than the default or most familiar option.

The 4 C's of Discovery

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Record breaking drops in trust 

People question the values and motives of companies now more than ever. They believe big corporations are only out for profits and align their trust with those who can show (not just tell) that you have their best interest at heart.

Self-care over healthcare

Today, people view health in a holistic sense, encompassing mental, physical and emotional well-being. They turn to healthcare not just for when they are sick, but to help them live better, more fulfilling lives. This is especially true of empty nesters, who see turning 65 as a start to a new life, not the end of an old one.

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Customer service and convenience are differentiators

Everyone claims to "do it all" when it comes to cost and coverage (tablestakes for consumers), but no one truly delivers on what matters most. Healthcare is confusing, complicated and most don't even understand what they are getting for their money. People seek simplicity, clarity and transparency. They want to be taken care of both in terms of their physical health and customer experience.

The #1 factor for driving customer experience (CX) is emotion - how a company makes me feel. However, health insurance is consistently ranked among the lowest of all industries in terms of CX. While competitors have tried to fill that gap with technology promising "holistic" health, it seems a more personal approach may be needed.

Boomers are an afterthought

Communications are filled with stereotypes and clichés that are unrelatable for a diverse Boomer population. Boomers trust brands that take the time to truly understand their needs and motivations.

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Giving beyond healthcare

WellCare's purpose is rooted in empathy. They CARE, treating patients like people, not numbers. With associates in every market, WellCare gets to know their members on a first-name basis. They take the time to understand the real issues preventing members from living better, healthier, fuller lives. They go above and beyond providing access to local community services (transportation, social activities, addiction recovery, food banks, and more). They make sure members are set - socially, mentally, emotionally, physically - so they can take full advantage of the healthcare they deserve. Just take a look at Gloria's story to see for yourself.

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An empathy map shows the pain points and needs of the TMA audience - what they are thinking, feeling, doing, seeing, hearing and saying:

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Our integrated team took the above and ran with it, creating three overarching brand platform ideas to share with WellCare, all rooted in the single unifying insight:

People work hard to get to retirement and the healthcare they have been paying for in advance. But what good is that coverage if you can’t or don’t know how to use it to its full potential?


While WellCare loved aspects of each platform, they ultimately chose Beyond Healthcare as the inspiration for final concepts. This success was due to an integrated effort by SJ&P strategy and creative teams.