Trendwatching - Value Add

Trendwatching - Value Add Project for Clients, Prospects and Agency Staff


Agencies are constantly looking at the latest trends across departments, but the hardest part is bringing these insights together to make something meaningful. It's not about the wealth of knowledge you share with others - it's about how you make that info actionable. 


Scouring all the latest trend data from leading industry research partners. Digesting all the micro- and macro-level detail. Cutting the fluff and boiling it down into bite-sized nuggets of inspiration.


More than a recap of trends, this is a toolkit for how to act. It answers the "so what" on many marketers' minds today. It helps us align our thinking, step back from the day-to-day and look at the big picture opportunities driving business in 2018.

Good partners should seek to simplify the complex and clarify the actionable.