LG TVs - Brand Strategy

LG TVs - Brand Strategy


Why will Serious Watchers care?

Serious Watchers binge to engross themselves in a more interesting 2nd life, but a lot of things get in the way!

Cultural anthropologists studying binge behavior uncovered that we crave longer narratives to replace our existing (1st) life with one that is more interesting (our 2nd life…our stories). With an average binge session of 5 hours/sitting, bingers do not just watch content…they occupy it; they want to engross themselves in the story, but lots of things get in the way of this!

For Serious Watchers, smartphone or computer binging alone just won’t do. They need a more immersive experience to get the full picture, not miss any nuances, and fully occupy 2nd life. 

What is our solution?

Simplify the binge experience so you can focus on occupying 2nd life.  

Address binging pain points that prevent Serious Watchers from encompassing their 2nd life with a cross-channel, real-time, highly personalized experience. 

Help them embody and become engrossed in the story, not just through the large TV screen experience, but also with enhanced features and storylines. Use a multi-channel experience to mirror 2nd screening habits to enhance (rather than distract from) 2nd life. 

Link your device (phone or computer) to an LG account so it can track your progress (when you start a program, how far you are in a given show or movie, etc.). Notifications or messaging are catered to Serious Watchers’ needs at any given moment along the following “pain point” journey.

LG already makes your 1st Life Good. Now it can make your 2nd Life Better.