LEGO - Creative Campaign

LEGO - Creative Campaign

In a world of screens, snaps, and can we demonstrate that a physical toy like LEGO is still relevant?

LEGO must break through the distraction of digital games and re-engage families with a physical, tangible toy that can unlock a world of possibility.


Kids are curious by nature

Since they don't yet know all the answers, they still ask "why?" and imagine what could be


Other toys limit imagination

With digital games (and even other physical toys such as Barbie), you are confined by the limitations of that toys' designers. 


Building with LEGO = cross-section between our dreams and physical reality

LEGO is transformative in nature. Its versatility allows us to make any fantasy into a physical reality because with LEGO, there are no limits. 

Strategy: Invite kids to bring their wildest dreams to life with LEGO.

As inspiration...

Apart from the secondary research, vox pop interviews, and formal one-on-one interviews that went into this campaign, it was visiting a LEGO store, seeing the reaction on children's faces when they entered the store, and more importantly physically playing with LEGOs reconnecting with our inner-child that inspired this strategy come to life. We even invited our creatives along to join us for this journey, and gave them LEGOs to build something of their own for the first time in years. Here was the result:

BIG IDEA: Where Dreams are Built

LEGO builders will make their wildest dreams a reality with our customizable Super Awesome Explosion Magical Dream Kit! 

Each kit is personalized with the builder’s name on it, and has room for them to pick, mix, and match whatever pieces their imagination desires to take home.



Dream Designer

You Dream it. I Design it. 

If there’s a piece you want but don’t see, you can build it with our 3D printer.



Life in 3-Dream

Bring your imagination creation to life digitally, and send it to your friends or share online. 

Miami Ad School - Student Work

Copywriter: Marty Allen, Art Director: Joe Lepore, Strategists: Megan Salah & Mauricio Barreda