Incessant Note-taker. Unyielding Curiosity.

Although my professional background was originally in media planning, I always felt like something was missing. I wasn't jazzed about negotiating back and forth with vendors, but whenever I had a project asking me to dig into audience behaviors, not just media habits but their mindsets or even shopping data, I could be enthralled for hours on end. It didn't feel like work - it was fun. 

I knew something needed to change. So I picked up side-projects as often as I could that allowed me to dig into the audience - travel behaviors, day in the life's, tables and tables of purchase data, all at my disposal to play with, analyze and trend until I found a story. These are the projects that kept me at work the latest, when everyone else had left the building hours ago - there was infinite information at my fingertips just asking for me to come play, discover, find a need, and tell a story.

With this, my yearning for more only increased. When an opportunity to move into account planning arose, I jumped at it. This led me to Miami Ad School for in-depth training, and then my current role as a Consumer and Content Strategist.

I'm thankful for the experience and knowledge media planning gave me as a platform, especially with the ever changing connection channels today. That background helps me keep up with the new, just as much as my desire to dig into cultural and consumer behaviors. 

The result - a strategist who lives to dig up the greatest human need and has all the tools to solve it with a user-centric mindset and multichannel driven approach.